On Running Flagship Store NYC

An app that analysis your running style and finds the perfect shoe for you

On Running
UX design, client workshops
Sketch, Invision, Miro, Lego

In 2020, the hottest “newcomer” sneaker brand, On Running, opened their first global flagship store in NYC. The store features a uniquely immersive, personalized shopping experience for running enthusiasts. From invisible foot scanners to a “magic” wall  that analyzes individual running styles, in order to recommend the perfect shoe for their customer and thus boost sales.


Our task was to create an interface app with which the store employees create customer profiles, integrating the data from the customers foot scan, running style and shoe recommendations. The profile is then sent to the customer by EMail, creating a very unique shopping experience that results in high customer retention.

For the flagship store that was planned in Shanghai, On Running asked us to also design a dedicated mini app for the WeChat app store.


The biggest challenge was to arrange and display all of the collected data in a way, that is both easy to understand and fun to consume, for both the employee and the customer. To make the most of the collected data, we came up with a way to compare the different running analyzes of a customer with each other, in order to find the best fit for the customer.

Flow chart

Case study